About us

Hello, we are Creative Media !

Founded in 2021, Creative Media is a Multi-Platform Digital Media Company. We focus on Production, Content Creation and Promotion of Entertainment Products on Digital Platforms.

With a talented young team, we have been doing our best for a common goal of bringing creative, different and exciting entertainment experiences to global audiences.

Our work process

01. Own your own music labels

The independent music labels that Creative Media is developing are potential launchpads for artists around the world. We have succeeded in building a loyal, stable international fanbase; creating resonant value for both artists and music-loving audiences.

02. Build impactful music profiles

Creative Media has successfully built and owns large playlists with high listeners and many additional playlist systems on the Spotify platform, such as: edm, relax…

03. Collaboration with top music partners

Creative Media has been cooperating with more than 100 leading music partners both domestically and internationally, among them are Warner Music, Deep Disco Music, MCV Group, Metub…

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